International Street and Visual Artists

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Onyis Martin (Kenya)

A visual and mixed media artist, his work is rapidly gaining international recognition. Deeply connected to contemporary urban society, Onyis' paintings, sculptures and works, reflect current issues affecting not only the African continent, but the world as a whole. He delves into global concerns such as human trafficking, migration, political and institutional corruption, repressive environment and displacement. In his words, my art is borne of two worlds, two sides of my nature competing for and completing my creative vision. Onyis' work was represented in the Sanaa Exhibition, Kerry Packer Civic Gallery.

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Wise Two (Kenya)

 A street and visual artist, the work of Wise Two can be found adorning walls in cities and countries around the world, including Nairobi, New York, Los Angeles, Malaysia, Singapore, Tunisia, Vancouver BC, South Africa and Colombia. His style is influenced by the spiritual realm of art, the sacred geometry of life and its deep and delicate patterns of existence, in day to day affairs of human connections. Extensive research provides Wise with deeper knowledge about ancient writing systems, African traditions and civilisations, reminding us we are all interconnected. Wise created a mural installation in Eliza Street, and showcased his work at the Gallery. 

Bankslave (Kenya)

A leading Kenyan graffiti and visual artist, who uses art as a voice for social change. One of his most celebrated pieces of work was with political activist and photographer Boniface Mwangi. The duo painted vultures on buildings in the centre of Nairobi in a dead of the night graffiti revolution, in hope Kenyans would vote out the politicians, widely viewed as corrupt and ineffective. Passionate, versatile and talented, Bankslave has painted murals for the United Nations and festivals around the world. Bankslave created a mural in Eliza Street, as well showcased at the gallery. 

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Swift9 (Kenya)

A self-taught visual artist who specializes in graffiti and urban art. Swift has gained extensive experience experimenting on the streets of Nairobi, managing to successfully train over 300 young people on how to use art, as a tool for advocacy. His creations seek to empower audiences, create awareness as well advocate for social change. Swift9 has worked internationally through festivals including Art of the Streets Festival - Sweden, Open Source Festival - Berlin and The Prince Claus  Award Ceremony - Amsterdam. Swift created mural of Nelson Mandela in the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, and in Eliza Street.  


Smokillah (Kenya)

A professional graffiti artist, muralist and founder of Graffiti Girls Kenya, Smoki saw the need to train young women in the art form of graffiti, balancing the ratio of male to female graffiti artists. His workshops allow girls to express themselves through graffiti murals, often relating to the experiences and challenges they go through whilst growing up, into early adulthood.   Smoki is passionate about educating through the art form of graffiti, throughout Kenya and Africa. Smokillah created a mural in Eliza Street.